1:AM Development is a web design and development agency that is determined to meet your needs in the online world. The goal of the agency is to take computer code and create something stunning with it. Specializing in areas such as web design, web development, and system administration, 1:AM Development is the agency you need to make your presence on the Internet known. We're determined to see our clients thrive after we have worked with them.

Founded in October of 2015 by Michael C, the agency has quickly grown and has now served hundreds of clients. Many questions arise from the name of the agency. The name was coined for how late we stay up working on projects and making sure they are one hundred percent perfect before they are sent off to clients.

Throughout the website, you may notice that the terms "we" or "us" are used. However, there is currently only one person at 1:AM Development, Michael. I do intend to bring in other talented designers and developers into the agency sometime soon.

About Michael: I have grown my interest in computers, programming, gaming, graphics, animation and other technical skills over the past five years. I am currently working on a Computer Science Major and attempting to earn a successful career in the field of software engineering or cybersecurity. Qualification: Passed this exam.

More Info

Owner: Michael C

Founded: October 2015

Nickname: 1amDev

Specialization: Web Design & Web Development

Members: One

Clients: 350+

Websites: 400+

Lines Written: 1.25M+